“Why Not Join Your Golf-Fitness Workouts With A Cutting-Edge Fat-Loss System And Get Into Great Shape – Fast!”

Read Down This Page and Check Out How Golfers Have Boosted Their Golf Fitness, Flattened Their Bellies and Transformed Their Health Within Weeks

You have downloaded your Free AP Golf-Fitness Workouts and Program, now it is time for you to join the workouts up with the healthy living and fat-loss system and get into great shape fast!

The AP Golf Fitness and Fat-Loss System can show you how to:

  • Lose 8-12 lbs of fat in 2 weeks and 15-42 lbs in 12 weeks (see case studies below)
  • Decrease Blood pressure
  • Decrease Bad Cholesterol levels quickly
  • Use a system that lets you drink generous amounts of beer or wine and lose weight – not put on weight
  • Become the owner of a New Leaner, Toned, More Athletic Body
  • Gain control over your, weight and health forever
  • Decrease Stress Hormones whilst Boosting your Immune System

“Golfer – Gary Brown From Sydney, Australia, Has Lost Weight Very Quickly, Boosted Important Health Indicators, Is Driving the Golf ball Further – and he is loving his results!

Garry’s Stats

  • Age/Golf Handicap? 65 and handicap of 7
  • Weight Loss/Belt buckles reduction so far (Dec 8 – Jan 21 2011)? I have reduced my weight from 87kg to 80kg (191.4lbs to 176lbs) with change of diet and new exercises (15lbs or 7 kg weight reduction in 7 weeks).
  • My shorts and pants fit more comfortably and my belts are in one hole.
  • My blood pressure has reduced from 125 over 85 to 110 over 70 .
  • My cholesterol has reduced from 5.6 to 4.3.

I certainly feel stronger, hitting the Golf ball longer, walking the golf course with ease. And most people say I am looking better!!! Also the AP Golf Fitness has given me some new workouts which have helped me increase my strength and core for golf.


By Anthony Procopis, Certified Personal Trainer, Former Pro-Golfer, 20 year-Golf Fitness and Fat-Loss Specialist

Hi there fellow Golfer,

Combine a repeatable, step-by-step system with some consistent  weekly effort and you can dramatically increase you golf-swing speed, flexibility and endurance.

The same goes for weight loss, once you have the correct information, tools and training (plus a little effort), losing unwanted fat and decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol levels happens quickly.

My Mission:

“My mission to help golfers not only boost their golf fitness, driving distance and golf, but to empower them with knowledge so they can live in a lean, strong, disease-free body for the rest of their lives”

At first… golfers that come to me in person or through this site, are just missing a couple pieces to the golf-fitness/exercises and weight loss puzzle.

You might have these same questions?

  • What exercises to do to increase power and speed in the golf swing
  • How many sets and reps to do in a workout
  • How many workouts/week should you do to get stronger
  • What muscles are used primarily in the golf swing and therefore – what muscles should be trained
  • How to train effectively and safely
  • What the “Four Keys To Maximum Driving Distance” are and how maximizing them can slash your average score and boost driving distance
  • What “core exercises” to do to help with speed in the golf swing and what ones to do to increase strength and protect against lower back injuries
  • A step-by-step muscle strengthening and flexibility program to follow

And for Fat-Loss and Health, most regular golfers (and most people) don’t know:

  • What foods to eat to stimulate fat-burning (yes Sir, every time you eat or drink, you set your body up for the next few hours to burn fat or to store fat). This same Hormone that is responsible for storing fat is also responsible for making bad cholesterol and hardening arterial walls
  • What so called “every-day, healthy foods” actually switch the body into “fat-storage-mode” (this happens every time you eat – it is just a matter of knowing how to flick the off switch)
  • How to avoid putting on weight over the holiday period
  • How to turn off the stress hormones that damage health and speed the aging process
  • How to avoid nearly all colds and sickness by having an impregnable immune system
  • How to get into – and stay – in great shape year after year

“I researched and tested all sorts of workouts, exercises and diets for many years…

…Being vertically challenged (still am!) meant I had to try and build a strong, flexible body in order to maximize how far I hit the ball…

…I succeeded at maximizing my golf fitness and driving distance and created a lean, disease-free body along the way… and now I’m sharing that knowledge with golfers through the AP Golf Fitness Training Systems.”



But… to get a super-lean, toned, healthy body, you need more than golf-fitness workouts…

…To put it bluntly, I’m a Nutrition, Fitness/Health GEEK!

“I’m not some diet-saint but I know how the body stores and burns fat, and when you have this fundamental knowledge, staying lean and healthy is extremely EASY. Yes, easy. And it is at the core of my program and what I will teach you.”




The Body That AP Built


Okay here is what I have for you…

Three Pillars Health (fat-loss and health boosting for golfers)

Three Pillars Health On-Line has:

Text and video Information that informs you how to:

  • Turn on the fat-loss hormone and switch of that fat and cholesterol storage hormone
  • The foods you need to eat and foods and drink you need to minimize to maximize weight loss and boost health (food puts you into storage or burning mode; control these and you will always be lean).
  • How to avoid putting on weight over the holiday period
  • How to turn off the stress hormones that damage health and speed the aging process
  • Choose the right amount and type of exercise to keep a lean, strong, healthy body
  • How to boost your energy
  • Eat the foods that will send cholesterol and blood pressure levels down (if they are above average currently)

Tools to:

  • Help you measure your weight loss progress
  • Set goals
  • Food counts so you can learn what is in everyday foods
  • Meal plans to show you what to eat (real foods like steak, fish, eggs, fruit… and beer!)

Automated Coaching via email to (48 lessons):

  • Keep you on track and motivated
  • Inspire you
  • Teach you

Look what happened to Golfer John when he learned then applied the  AP Golf Fitness Fat-loss and Training systems:

“Friends used to joke that I look liked I had swallowed the wok after eating a stir fry! Then I started Three Pillars Health and loss 35 lbs of fat in 7 weeks and put on over 22lbs of muscle; they don’t laugh at me anymore!”

The stats…

  • Name: John Harrison, Age: 53, Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Program follows: AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health Fat-Loss
  • Main Goals: To decrease size of ever increasing belly
  • Starting weight & body fat: 80.3kg or 177lbs & 40.5%BF
  • Weight 14 weeks later: 74.9kg or 165lbs & 20.8%BF
  • Body fat reduction so far: 40.5% to 20.8% is just under a 49% reduction!!

Fat loss in weight in 14 weeks: 16.95kg or 37.3lbs. Muscle mass gain: 11.55kg lean muscle mass gain!

Having lost 17kg of fat the resultant increase in energy levels are obvious. Have you ever tried carrying a 17kg bag of spuds (Australian for potatoes) strapped to your stomach?? I am able to do much more strenuous exercise and actually every day to day activity is much easier and more enjoyable as a result; I’m more alert at work too. I now have a better attitude & my confidence has improved toward everything in my life. My kids comment on how proud they are of me and my Doctor is happy that my blood pressure has come down too.

John’s progress was above average, but it does show you what is possible when you start to give your body what it needs and less of what it doesn’t need.

“The body’s natural state is Lean, Strong and Healthy. Once you have and apply this information and systems, your golf fitness, body and health will respond very quickly.”

Strength gains and energy will come quickly and terms of weight loss you can expect the following:

For golfers wanting to lose 20lbs of fat expect to lose around 6-8 lbs in the first 2 weeks and a total of 15-20 in 12 weeks (if you follow the programs most of the time).

For golfers wanting to lose 40lbs of fat expect to lose 8-15 lbs in the first 2 weeks and 20-35 in 12 weeks (if you follow the programs most of the time).

The Three Pillars Health Fat-loss System For Golfers

1. The Three Pillars Health On-Line Resource Center (Library)

…Will Provide All The Information (video and text) You Need To

Transform Your Body and Health. Available On-Line 24/7

Value: $197


Learn everything you need to know about:

  • What foods to eat to activate the fat-burning hormone
  • How much not-so-good food and drink you can have and still lose weight
  • How to enjoy eating out whilst still keeping in the fat-burning zone
  • Foods to eat so you remain free of sickness and disease
  • The unique alcohol drinking formula that helps you lose weight whilst still enjoying drinks each week
  • How much exercise to do
  • What type of exercise to do
  • What to eat on the golf course
  • How to decrease the rate at which you age
  • How to stay committed  and motivated
  • The mental keys that are the secret to maintaining a lean, toned, healthy body for life

And loads more!

2. Tools to measure your progress. Value: $144

  1. Body Assessment and Prescription Target“helps you know how much of each food to eat” VALUE: $19
  2. My Health Goals“will help you meet targets on the way to creating a “new, leaner you” VALUE: $15
  3. 64 page Food Counts Down-loadable Book“helps you know what is in each food VALUE: Free
  4. Nutrition and Exercise Diary“helps keeps you accountable along the way” VALUE: $23
  5. Food Counts Summary and meal plan “plan your meals for quick, healthy, weight loss” VALUE: $19
  6. Body Fat Calculator“monitor your progress with this great online tool” – VALUE: $49/year (lifetime for you)
  7. Exercise weekly planner (on-line and down-loadable) “plan your exercise sessions on-line or off” VALUE: $17

3. 48 email lessons over 6 months to guide you along (2 per week)

Value: $142

These lessons help you:

  • To learn more
  • To be accountable
  • And inspire
  • Keep motivated



Here is another Golfer who improved his golf fitness, loss weight and gained back his energy and health…

“They didn’t tell me that when I gave up smoking I would receive in return 30lbs of fat! With Anthony’s advice and programs I become fitter, leaner and healthier every week.”

Name: Brett mason, Age: 32, Location: Sydney, Australia

Program follows: AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health

Main Goals: To lose body fat (20kg in weight) that had been creeping on and to increase aerobic fitness (huff and puff fitness)

Starting weight & body fat: 96kg or 211lbs & 30.2%BF

Weight at 16 weeks later: 84.5kg or 185.9lbs & 24.7%BF

Body fat reduction in 16 weeks of: 30.2% to 24.7% is an 18.2% reduction

Weight Loss so far: 11.5kg or 25.3lbs

” I feel fantastic; I have so much more energy in general and out on the golf course. Before I started I could not run for more than 5 minutes, now I can run for 30! My clothes fit much better and I feel more confident.”


So how much do the memberships cost?

These sites are normally valued at least $27/month or $324/year. But I’m not going to charge an on-going fee. I’m going to give you lifetime access to this information and tools for not $107 or $77. I want as many golfers as possible reaping the benefits of these systems so I have set a one-off fee of $39.

Plus you of course get a 60 day money-back-guarantee. So give it us a test drive!

You can lose 10-30lbs of fat within 12 weeks…

…Go for It!

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