F.A.Q: Types of Programs. Viewing programs.

AP On-Line Fitness Center

When will I receive my Programs?

  • Upon purchasing you will receive an automatic email welcome which will contain useful information.
  • Within 24hours you will be given access to The On-line Fitness centre. You will gain access to your private log in area where you will have a pre exercise questionnaire waiting for you to fill in.
  • Within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire you will have all the workouts that make up you program ready and waiting for you when you log in again.

How long do I have access to my program and workouts at the On-Line AP Fitness Centre

As long as you are a member you will have access to your on-line workouts. You can also print off the programs and photo’s of each exercise.

Do you create programs for: seniors, people with bad backs, people that are unfit and people that need rehabilitation?

Absolutely! I can tailor a program for your personal needs. I can even work with your Doctor or Physiotherapist/Chiropractor on developing your program.

What equipment do I need to work out with?

I make the programs to suit what you have or don’t have in terms of equipment and there is also a “Full Body’’ – no equipment needed workout included with all programs.

I ‘m a big fan of body weight exercises as they engage your “core stabilizing muscles” more than when you use machines. This means you will develop a strong back and mid section which will serve you will in avoiding injuries for your entire life.

Pricing of Memberships

See main website page for all the prices and terms and conditions of memberships.

Three Pillars Health Membership

When do I gain access to the membership area?

Upon purchasing membership you will create you membership log in details and receive a welcome email with your log in details, your first lesson and instructions on what to do once you log in to the Three Pillars Health Members area.

Weekly lessons and tasks

You will have weekly tasks and information to research on the website. You then practice what you have learned in real-life situations in the coming week and into the future. You will have various tools to log your progress inside the Three Pillars Members area.