AP Golf Fitness New Business Model (Nov 20, 2011)

AP Golf Fitness has been developed by Anthony Procopis (AP) – a current qualified fitness trainer and former professional golfer. Anthony has used his knowledge on golf fitness and fat-loss to develop two membership options that help golfers increase their strength, flexibility and endurance – whilst also decreasing their body-fat levels.

Fast facts on Golf Fitness

  • There are around 6000-10 000 exact global searches (using Google keywords tool) every month for the search terms for “Golf Fitness” and Golf Exercises. Plus there are literally thousands of golf sites that host millions of golfers every week.
  • Our main paid product is fat-loss for golfers. Golf-fitness programs are what they are given for free. Fat-loss for golfers is what they pay for as the product sits perfectly with their programs and working-out.
  • There are HUGE opportunities as this Niche is severely under-serviced.

Here is how our affiliate program works:

  • The program is managed by ClickBank
  • From Nov 20, 2011 all golf fitness programs and workouts are free. Visitors sign up through squeeze page. They get all programs free and are offered our “fat-loss for Golfers” product on the back-end which is a $39 product which offers affiliates 70% commission or about $24.50

Are you unsure on how these affiliate systems work?

The Basics of obtaining your unique affilate link (ID).

  1. 1. First go to clickbank at sign up as an affiliate and grab your free “Clickbank ID” (nickname)
  2. You can attach your nickname (ID) in two ways. A. You can search for AP Golf Fitness and promote that way – using an encrypted code or…B. You just simply add your “CB ID” to VENDOR name for AP Golf Fitness = aap76 SO simply insert your click-bank ID (nickname) like so: .So you insert your affiliate nickname (ID) in where it says AFFILIATE. Note: There is no need to enter the website address, the aap76 directs the link to the AP Golf Fitness website. You can check to see if it working by going to the very bottom of the payment page (after click on buy now) on AP Golf Fitness Payment form and look for [affiliate = your ID].

Affiliates Marketing Material

Short Email Marketing with Video

There is fantastic 2 minute high energy promotional video of AP (creator) on the About us page.

Just put your clickbank link to AP Golf Fitness below in an email and invite your customers to head over and view the video.

Cut and paste the following:

Are you interested in driving the golf ball further and or getting stronger, more flexible, increasing your endurance or maybe even losing some a few pounds? Well check out this video! AP – “The Golf Fitness Guy” is the real deal! He is a golf fitness expert. He is 5ft 6, 143lbs and hits his drives 300 yards! – Just click on the link below to be taken to the website. Go the “About us” page to view the video then go check out the rest of the site, it is worth a look.

[insert hop link]


[your name]

Email Marketing

Email 2

Subject Line: Increase your Golf Driving Distance with AP – “The Golf Fitness Guy!”

Would you like to:

Increase your Driving Distance by up to 9% (10-30yards) through golf fitness and possibly even 14% (20-40yards) by applying the”AP-4 Keys to Maximum Driving Distance?”

Increase your Golf Swing Strength/Speed and or Flexibility

Increase you Muscular Endurance and Stamina

Increase your Energy so you have plenty of gas in the tank when you walk (or run!) up the 18th hole?

Decrease your Body Fat by up to 35lbs in 7 weeks like one of my site members has done recently?

Prevent injuries by turning your body into a strong, injury- free-zone?

Have your own Golf Fitness and Health Mentor to turn to for advice whenever you need it?

If you answered yes to the any of the above questions jump on over to: (put your Clickbank nickname in place of AFFILIATE)

PS – You will also be able to download for Free The AP 4 Keys To Maximum Driving Distance which (a Free 20 page report) details the key elements of maximum driving distance, the key muscles in the golf swing, general golf fitness and there is also an extra report on how to lose body fat and how to get into and stay in great shape.

AP Golf Fitness (put your Clickbank nickname in place of AFFILIATE or go to clickbank for an encrypted code.)

Hit em straight and long!

Yours sincerely,

[Your name here]

Small emails messages that can also be used for Ad Words

  • Receive your Free 20 page report on the “4 Keys to Maximum Driving Distance” By AP – The Golf Fitness Guy.

  • Are you golf fit? Increase you speed and strength, flexibility, endurance and driving distance. Learn from AP – The Golf Fitness Guy!
  • Want to improve your golf game and your fitness? Are you golf fit? Check out this fantastic 2 minute high energy golf swing sequence video AP – the “Golf Fitness Guy”. The video is on the “About us” page on the website. This guys knows is stuff and can help you with your golf fitness and even losing a few pounds if needed. View the site here: (put your Clickbank nickname in place of AFFILIATE or go to clickbank for a encrypted code.)

Search advertising

Add 1

Increase Driving Distance And Your Golf Fitness

Whilst Losing Weight

Add 2. For Middle Age Male Golfers…

Improve your Golf Fitness, Lose Weight, Decrease – Blood Pressure, Injuries and Cholesterol

Add 3

Revealed: The 4 Keys To Maximum Golf Driving Distance

Grab Your Free Report Here

Add 4

Free Golf-Fitness workouts and programs

Download now

Copy For Email Marketing or Affiliate Review site

AP Golf Fitness provides FREE programs and workouts for Golfers. The workouts are made up by AP – an ex-professional golfer and current fitness professional, from 2000 exercise and stretches. To go with this, AP has developed a Fat-Loss and Health Membership site to help the general public and golfers lose weight and get into great shape.

Industry Leading Expertise

The thing about this site is that the techniques used and talked about for increasing golf fitness and fat-loss are have been developed by the owner of these sites – AP. He has been doing Golf Fitness workouts for the past 20 years, he is seriously fit and lean, he still plays golf close to a scratch handicap and his members are getting great results for the golf fitness levels and also rapidly losing body-fat and getting into great shape.

The Content

The Fat-loss membership site was created from the ground up by AP’s tech team. The information in the on-line library has everything you need to know to get – and stay – lean in the real world. After 10 000 personal training sessions AP has put together a system that helps people lose fat in the real world. What he say’s is that real people don’t live in “A Biggest Loser Controlled Environment” where they can exercise all day under the guidance of the Countries best fitness trainers whilst eating calorie controlled meals and not being tempted by alcohol and junk foods. He wants you to lose weight and stay healthy and lean whilst going on holidays, whilst changing jobs, whilst having a drink and dinning out frequently with friends and family and whilst enjoying some not so healthy foods every week.

The Product

Newsflash! AP Golf-fitness programs and workouts are all FREE. Just go to: and get them for free now.

Affiliates: Use the membership card below if promoting AP Golf Fitness if you like.

AP Golf fitnessAP Golf fitness/Three Pillars Health

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